Chef Marisol


International Destination Chef, Marisol Murano, is the author of Deliciously Doable Small Plates from Around the World, a collection of delicious recipes from her travels around the world. She is also the hostess of Mucho Gusto, a cooking show where she cooks delicious food in both English and Spanish to the beat of Latin music.  Deliciously Doable Small Plates from Around the World has been twice selected as an Amazon book of the month.

Chef Marison - Cooking Show Host


Chef Marisol’s cooking show Mucho Gusto features deliciously doable dishes that are easy to make and great to share with family and friends, all to the lively beat of Latin music.

Chef Marisol Cookbooks


The Deliciously Doable cookbook series features traditional Spanish tapas, as well as many other popular small plates from places where Chef Marisol has worked as a Destination Chef — including the Greek Isles, Italy, and Argentina. Soon after it was published Small Plates from Around the World quickly became an Amazon favorite, and was twice selected for book of the month. The book also spent several months as a favorite in Apple’s on-line store. All seven books are published by Hipso Media.